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Mississippi Hospital and Nursing Medical Malpractice and Negligence Attorney

Medical professionals are required to abide by specific medical protocols that represent those of the medical community. When accepted, approved and required medical practice standards are not followed, medical negligence and medical malpractice are far more likely to result, as can be seen by the resulting injuries and harm to patients. Hospitals are required to take care of their patients and there are no acceptable excuses for failure to conform to the required medical protocols.

Examples of Hospital and Nursing Medical Negligence Resulting in Potential Medical Malpractice:

  • Wrong side surgery
  • Anesthesiologist errors
  • Nursing mistakes of all types, including incorrect diagnosis, improperly interpreting film and scans, incorrectly administering medication, misinterpreting medication amounts and incorrect frequency of administration
  • Improper, error-laden surgical nursing
  • Failure to properly monitor the patient
  • Procedural errors – everything from improper standard procedures (e.g., inserting catheters, drawing blood, testing blood, charting blood, etc.)
  • Errors in medication administration
  • Lack of documentation or incorrect documentation of patient progress and treatment

What Are Your Options if You Were Injured by Hospital and/or Nursing Medical Negligence?

Injured parties have a right to seek compensatory damages for injuries caused by negligence. Sessums Dallas PLLC is one of the country’s foremost medical negligence and medical malpractice law firms and has amassed multi-million dollar verdicts, settlements and awards for many of their clients. Located in Ridgeland, Mississippi, Attorneys Brad Sessums and Bobby Dallas have been working together for more than 19 years.

  • They have consistently each been awarded the highly coveted Martindale Hubbell Peer Review Preeminent Rating, with a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0. This measures legal knowledge, analytical capabilities, judgment, communication ability and legal experience
  • They have been awarded the highly coveted Super Lawyer Award on numerous occasions
  • They are constantly consulted by other attorneys, and are referred to medical malpractice clients by their fellow attorneys

Compensation That May Be Available for Medical Malpractice Victims:

Compensation may include the following:

  • Medical compensation, hospital-stay compensation, reimbursement for all medical procedures, medications, therapies, treatments, and care
  • Emotional and physical pain and suffering caused by the medical negligence
  • Lost income, lost future income and lost increases in income production – often projected over the expected lifetime of the injured patient
  • Loss of ability to enjoy life
  • Loss of companionship
  • Many other types of damages are possible – discuss this with your attorney

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