For Medical Malpractice


The hiring of a lawyer impacts your life as much or more than the event that created the need for legal representation. Courtroom as well as case management experience, successful settlements and jury decisions, and a proven track record in the type of case requiring representation are all important factors in the selection process. However, at least for us, passion for the law and your case, integrity, and compassion for the client are equally important. Bobby Dallas wins cases, but he has also won the respect of his clients, fellow lawyers, and judges.
– Larry and Lisa Ratzlaff



“Without your tenacity and expertise, I was at the mercy of an Insurance Company! Your willingness to come to my aid is superseded only by your integrity and character…I remember when you told you me: ‘It’s a matter of doing what’s right’…my reward has been in the pleasure of finding a new friendship. If ever an understatement of two works they are found in my saying ‘thank you’.
Some may say Bobby is a trial lawyer, like that is a bad thing, I found him the consummate representative attorney interested in ‘doing the right thing’.”
– T. Palmer Wilks



“Sessums Dallas are dedicated attorneys who stand with you from start to finish. I had full confidence in their abilities and trusted they would never give up on my case.”
– Jessica Peterson



“Bobby is very sharp and thorough. His presentation skills are among the best I have ever seen in a courtroom. His knowledge of the law and his ability to retain factual data instills confidence in his clients. I would recommend him to anyone.”
– Betty Meadow Green



“The best medical malpractice lawyer hands down to me is Bobby Dallas. I have referred a number of clients and friends to him.  None have been disappointed with how he handled their matter. “
– A close colleague and friend.



“Thank you is not enough to express the gratitude I feel for you. You have been the most influential person in my life for the last few months and you have helped my healing of this horrible tragedy.”
– A grateful client